CKN Network

The CKN project celebrated its 20 years of existence in 2012 (20th anniversary report), and today our long term investments are paying back. Our former trainers stand as a particular proof of the success of this collaborative project. Since 2014, we host each october the alumni meeting. Gathering various CKN active members, most of them are entrepreneurs, trying to give back a little to our institution after what we previously achieved together.

These figures stand as a proof of concept of our philosophy. They represent our will to develop new business, and the success of various worker, who practiced hard to get where there are today.


Vannak, (and Sokpheap, his wife) : Vannak, like everyone else, started the CKN training to learn maintenance and technology. With time, he participated in various national  CKN's partnerships. In 2010, not only did he received a Medal of Excellence at the National Cambodian MySkills competition, but he coached Thy, to compet at the international ASEAN WorldSkills competition. Today, Vannak owns a industrial maintenance business with his wife Sokpheap. They have many contracts and often work with us.


Pothy : he was a CKN sutdent for 2 years, and then became a trainer. His passion for automation and electronics drove him to work in this sector after he left us. In 2017, his company was in need of a new industrial machine to bend metal parts. He started his own business, in order to sell it to his former company. Using pneumatic pistons, motors, and automatons, he was able to come to CKN's workshop to design, experiment, and build his first model. His was promised to get a 10 units contract when his project will be successful.

On the 11th of August 2017, Pothy finished his machine and send it to Kampong Cham province.


Toeurn : regarding the expansion of CKN's infrastructure, Toeurn is often our site manager. He has develop many skills over the years, and he's today in charge of the realisation of fish and pepper dryers. He uses CKN's workshop regularly to achieve his projects.

To the left, Toeurn working on oxygen extractor maintenance for hospitals. To the right, building pepper dryers.


Thy : With Vannak, Thy is responsable of our long term contract regarding maintenance with CTK/IZA cigarette packaging factory.


Phan Tol : since we started the CKN Entreprise (read more) in 2005, Phan Tol has been managing electricity selling with the villagers. Given his succesful business, the shop was expanded to an electrical goods store. They now offer electricity distribution for more than 600 housings.
In addition, Samnang (head trainer in Siem Reap, Kantout) and Phan Tol created an even bigger entreprise, in Damber, in 2008, that nows provides elctricity for 1500 families.