Make a donation or become a partner

If you think that education, technical competence and professional qualification are a must to offer a sustainable future to young Cambodians, if you share the values ​​of the Kram Ngoy Center, its vision of training, its ambition for its trainees, then you have several possibilities to support the CKN project via one of the associations of CKN (Association Kram Ngoy, CEFODIA or CKN-Alpes)

• By becoming a member,  to participate in Kram Ngoy Center's activities and training efforts

• By making a donation to support the deployment of educational projects and pilot applications

• By making a regular payment , cancellable or modifiable at any time,  to sponsor one or more trainees and to help cover the cost of tuition.

To make a donation, participate in the activities or become a partner you can contact us or download directly the CEFODIA or CKN-Alpes form

You can also access our RIB or simply via Paypal:


Note : Since associations are of General Interest, donations and sponsorships generally give the right to a tax reduction (eg 66% for a private person in France).

Thank you again !