National Implication

Apart from education, we wish to bring the development of technicity in Cambodia at a large scale and for a durable time. We know we have to conquer national markets. This can only be achieved by opposing the foreign industries that are currently taking over our markets. We know we can't fight with holdings and conglomerates, but nonetheless, we don't aim for the same results as them. Creating partnerships with local business, and educating the countrysides of Cambodia, our impact is directed toward the most deprived people.

During our center's development and our student's training we tried to work as much as possible for Cambodia. We've been active all over the country as you can see here.

We created one of the first rural electrification program. For example, with our partners, ESF and EDF, we participated to Banteay Chhoeu's electrification (Siemreap, Angkor). We also produced and distributed the electricity for Banteay Dek's village (600 families) located 30 km from Phnom Penh (read more), with our own powerplant.
In continuity to those projects, we created a total of 2 different powerplants that ran entirely by former CKN trainers.

To the left, a CKN trainer installing an electric pole. To the right, one of our old generator in a powerplant now replaced by medium voltage line.

Our objectives are various, and so must be our fields of interests. CKN promotes business from all horizons, and tries to be as connected as possible with durable development and renewable energies. In the last ten years, we've been providing classes on gasifiers, solar panels, electrical installation, and more.

Neth installing our new solar panels for training and exhibition in Kantout. Toeurn, testing a newly assembled gasifier.

We helped our former student Toeurn who started a company that manufactures pepper dryers by opening him our workshop's door.

To the left, the first pepper dryer prototype, built in CKN, to the right, two of our solar assisted fish dryers.

One main angle for achieving a succesful national impact is of course the young ones, strength of the Cambodian future. They must be trained, educated, supported to bring the dynamic of entrepreneurship in our country. This is why we hosted an itinerant training for many years, and founded the first technical exhibitions in Cambodia (link).

Training in Kampong Cham (economic class). Technical exhibition in Skoun (achives documentation).

Thanks to our will, we were able to operate at a national scale, and the CKN Network (see more) imposed itself on many collaborative projects. Results show that we are today a powerful group of dedicated people, ready to help each other, and our country.

If you want to learn more about our collaborations with local business, documentation on these achievements can be found herehere, and there.

Thanks to our hard work and capability, we've been participating in national and international competitions since 2010, our students are very proud of the prizes they brought back with them on these numerous events.