A new project to bring drinking water to the CKN Campus in Kantout

Friday November 17 2017 by CKN

The water distribution on the Kantout Campus requires a real upgrade.

The general question of water remains raised for the CKN which intent to welcome a hundred students per year on its campus, whether for access to drinking water, service and irrigation water or waste water treatment.

To date, the water that is distributed in the various buildings comes from a borehole on the site and is stored in "water tower" tanks. It is without treatment and therefore not drinkable. In addition there is no help to supply the site with water in case of the pump failure.

The station project is launched to bring drinking water and also to consolidate the student training.

Faithful to its philosophy of technical education based on practical know-how, the Kram Ngoy Center (CKN) is launching a project for a drinking water station for the food of its center. The project, under the management of CKN-Alpes, is in partnership with the association "2 drops of water" which brings its expertise on hydraulic and water treatment issues.

This pilot station project aims to:

  • Set up a drinking water production for the needs of people on the center, or even to cover the needs of the village of Kantout
  • Secure the service water supply by doubling the pumping system

This facility will have to be optimized to make the best use of the center's water resources, from underground as well as surface water. In particular, the pond intended for irrigation has been enlarged to increase the storage volume from 2,500 m3 to about 13,000 m3.

The realization of this pilot installation will serve as a pedagogical tool by putting into practice the knowledge in design and installation of photovoltaic energy, motor control and automation.

It will also serve as an introduction to entrepreneurship based on "producing / buying / selling drinking water" by determining the construction and operating budget of the station and simulating the distribution of drinking water in villages surrounding the area. center.

3 steps for a perennial installation

Currently, the project is in pre-study phase to define the design of the station, namely: to evaluate the water resources (volume, quality), to choose the treatment process and the operating modes (pumping, treatment, storage ), size, specify and make layout drawings for materials and equipment

The on-site construction, including the purchase of equipment, construction, commissioning will be done under the supervision of Nicolas and Théophile "2goutttes d'eau" with the trainees and trainers of CKN.

To ensure the durability of the installation and its proper use, the project includes a monitoring of the operation with the first maintenance and the development of a practical guide of good use.
It is complemented by a training proposal in the field of water treatment / hydraulics, which includes practical work and an introduction to the students of the center as the work progresses. (sizing of the pilot station, problem of groundwater pumping / drilling ...)

A tight budget that needs your support !!

The total duration of the project is estimated at 6 months. In order to minimize costs and to allow maintenance, priority will be given to locally accessible solutions and materials. The total cost is € 10,000 and includes the electrical, hydraulic and water treatment equipment, as well as the mission costs of the 2 students.
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