« To despise dreams is the only fault which fate does not forgive to people » Maurice Schumann

CKN's concept : human and spirit:

  • The pursuit of intellectual, technological and economic competitiveness,
  • A long term vision for a work of national impact,
  • The spirit of autonomy (which does not exclude partnership and cooperation),
  • The ways and the will of organization.
In the beginning of the 90's, there was a crucial lack of education in the Kingdom of Cambodia. M. Im Saroeun decided to take the matter into his own hands and collaborate with his friends from the Cambodian diaspora in France.
Answering to that demand, the goal of the two training centres is to provide education and the right tools to adapt their skills in the future to the students.
This goes only through some commitments regarding everyday life. In CKN facility in Siem Reap, Kandal Province, the trainers, regularly create new buildings or installations to develop the school itself. Helped by our former trainers, which most of are now business entrepreneurs, who come and lead the constructions projects.
From CKN point of view, education comes in every aspect of your day. The school is a self-managing entity, because of the people who are devoted to it. Like every other, CKN needs to clean, repair, garden, cook, and do the accounts. The previous generation of students, now became trainers, with practice and motivation. They are the ones who keep the school a successful initiative.
If you join us, you will learn that not only classes are essential to develop your skills and experiences, but most of all, being a part of a bonded community, able to provide guidance and help throughout your time with us.
To us, the possibilities of the Cambodian youth are yet to be developed, and this substainable future we try to build relies on the self-awareness of those young people own potential. We want our students to go beyong our diploma, our training, and, with all the support they get here, to think for themselves in order to make a stand in today's job market.

If you wish to learn more about our former trainers and their businesses, follow this link : CKN Network.