Short training courses for professionals

CKN offers specialized courses on specific subjects in the technical fields covered by the center, such as electrical installations, industrial automation and maintenance, renewable energies and other techniques. These courses focus on a single topic and include theoretical contributions and the related practical work.

These courses are aimed at technicians who need to reinforce their competence on a specific subject such as, for example, installation rules, PLC programming, data communication, photovoltaic power generation, or any other equipment, design or installation rule.

These short-term courses are of special interest to professionals who are already active and can only be freed for a limited period of time. Their content , duration and timetable of the training are established according to requests. They normally take place in our training center in Phnom Penh.

Contact our staff or just come see us in Phnom Penh to define your training according to your needs !

The CKN  #58 Street 318 (near Olympic Stadium), Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA