Solar Energy

Access to electricity, and globally, energy was a concern in Cambodia 20 years ago. This is why we have developed many programs involving Solar Energy. It is not only a clean and renewable energy, but it is also available all over the country. We first studied the improvements that were possible to achieve regarding solar assisted drying process, as it is a common food processing here in Cambodia.

Our survey is available on our archives, and regroups our datas and conclusion.

Solar assisted fish-dryer in Krakor, 2011

In continuity with those projects, we equiped our center with solar panels, providing 20kW to the center's infrastructure, thanks to the EDF Foundation.

EDF Powerstation installation

That enabled us to build a technical course on solar energy, with our trainers. We first tried different installation for technical exhibition, then we improved it through technology transfer with EDF teacher program (read our news).

One of our first solar installation in CKN, Siem Reap, Kantout