Technical exhibition

In 2008, we have launched the first mobile technical exhibition program in Cambodia. Because of our growing network of devoted trainers, we were able to reach out to different highschools next to where we trained rural electricians. 

We began in Skoun Highschool, in Kampong Cham Province. During those exhibitions, the young students were very curious as they never saw such a performance.

With our partners, UNESCO, MoEYS, MoLVT, ILO, we organized several seminars in the National Institute Of Education. We covered all the teaching subjects provided in our school, with different stands and the presence of our trainers.

NIE Exhibition, 2010

This dynamic was afterwards generalized to more extanded areas, as the itinerant training developed, we were able to reach more population from the countryside. Others exhibitions were held in Skoun, as well as Prey Totung, Koh Pich,...

Furthermore, we also hosted an event with the Cambodian-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC), directly in Phnom Penh !

Koh Pich Highschool Exhibition, 2011

Then, in 2013, our students of Siem Reap, Kantout, build an exhibition hall in our own training centre (see construction's page) and we held our first independant technical exhibition !

CKN Siem Reap, Kantout Exhibition, 2013

We are very proud of the possibilities that we brought to cambodian education, and the collaborations that were made with our partners but also with the schools. The teachers and the directors were very involved in understanding our ways of working and teaching, in order to improve their schools.