Trainer's Training

Our philosophy is to train our own trainers to ensure the continuity of the knowledge and skills acquired by the CKN. This independence thus provides CKN control and quality of its education.Furthermore, this helps to build the CKN network and to benefit from the experiences and skills of the former trainees, thus improving the effectiveness of this training for the future players in the construction of the Khmer Society

The CKN, which helps young people to become aware of their potential and capacity, offers to the best students the opportunity to follow the "train-the-trainer" cycle. This cycle consists of gradually integrating the training of the more beginner trainees throughout their own training of modules 2 to 4. For these trainees, tuition fees are reduced in exchange for a commitment to stay at least 2 years later as a full trainer at the CKN.

With more than 60 trainers already trained, CKN is now recognized by many organizations for its ability to train trainers with knowledge of theory and practice. The CKN is often requested to train or supplement the technical training of trainers of other associations or even of the future professors of public institutions.

A picture of the CKN trainers in Siem Reap, Kantout, in 2017. 2015 Brochure about training of the trainer .

2016, CKN - UNIDO, and a local company EcoSun, partnership for operators training on solar charging batteries.

The CKN's itinerant training, has a goal of improving technical teaching at a national scale, by directly training highschool teachers. Those events, popular and successful, later gave birth the CKN's technical exhibitions. Simultaneously, the REEs program, improved the distribution of electricity all around the countrysides of Cambodia.

Teachers of Kampong Cham, learning electricity with practical classes supervised by CKN's trainers.

Partenrship with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, with a total 28 electricity teachers in internships between 2016 and 2017.

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