Training program

The CKN Technical Training Institute is a center specializing in technologies of the future, in particular in the fields of electricity, automation, maintenance and renewable energies

The training is mainly based on the practical implementation of the theoretical contributions. It is complemented by participating in the improvement of the school, the practice of sport together, and the life in community in the respect of human values. Thanks to this, this training is recognized at a very high level, as evidenced by the results at international competitions or the success of former students who have become managers, entrepreneurs, technical managers or trainers.

In its 2 school centers, in Phnom Penh and 20 km south of phnom Penh, the CKN delivers 4 trainings :

1. For young people from level 9 to 12 (bachelor): 4 levels of training up to the 2-year technician degree

2. For the future trainers: additional training to become trainers or technical teachers

3. For professionals: short training courses to deepen skills for specific materials or applications

4. For the future entrepreneurs : internship within a company can be provided

On request, offshore trainings can be considered.

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