Women's program

We are involved in a woman's empowerment program in association with two of our partners, the AAFK organization and the OIF, the International Organization of Francophony. The CKN tries to train as many female trainers as we can in order to make a new generation of technically educated women. The program was launched in 2002, and continues to go on.

The CKN Project is the proof of many cambodian feminine success stories.

Sokpheap : she was one of our first students to participate in an exchange program abroad. Hardworking, very competent, she's the symbol of our effective and fonctioning technology transfer. Today, she's part of the CKN Network, and help with her husband in different development programs (to read her story : CKN news; or her internship report).

Sokpheap training CKN's students, working and training in France

Today they manage their own industrial maintenance entreprise. Sokpheap is specialized in electronics, micro-processors and electricity, but she learned many skills during her CKN training, and now operates on various fields.

Sokneang : after her training with us, she became one of the first multi-skilled female trainers, pilars of CKN spirit. Teaching electricity and TV maintenance, Sokneang was in charge of several responsibilities in our infrastructures, like technical and financial surveys destined to our partnerships programs. She also improved CKN's communication, realizing DVDs, and installing internet in Phnom Penh. She's now married to an entrepreneur, whom she helps regurlarly to manage his business and finances. She stayed close to CKN Network in the last years, also providing gracious mechanical and industrial equipments sometimes.

Sokneang giving TV maintenance classes. To the right, installing electricity in village.

Cheng Ly : In addition to our Rural Electricity development program, Cheng Ly created her electricity and electronics shop in Damdek. They sell and repair goods to the surrounding villages. Her CKN cursus enabled her to pursue her entrepeneurship project and to develop her potential.

Mr Im Saroeun visiting Cheng Ly in Damnek

This program is very important for CKN's development because it has provided us many succesful trainers over the years, but also because we consider it to be essential in today's Cambodian development. Women are becoming more independent all over the world and learning their potential and capability, and we want to take part in that movement.

To the left, one of our trainer operating in electricity maintenance. To the right, a class taught by a female trainer.