CKN's building construction

We started the CKN in Kantout with only one building, a lot of motivation and a many partners. Since 2007, our continuous project is to extend the infrastructure in order to propose more fields of interests for the student, but also to make them experience long-term project and dedication to a job. Thanks to our former students and trainers, who come back regularly to provide help and guidance to our new generations, we've been able to achieve this every single year since the creation of the site.

As of today we managed to achieve more than 10 construction projects, we added solar panels, water tanks, we even grow our own food, thanks to our fruit garden. All of these projects were conducted with the students, and would not have been possible without their hard work.

Learn more about this by consulting our archives : learning by building (FR)ckn2 brochure


View of CKN from the top of our water tank tower.


One of our teaching building, it has many practical rooms. This building was entirely made with the students.

Thanks to our partners and donators, we have our own library, full of technical books including subjects from Computer Science to Electricity.


One of our newest building, the girls' dorm, also including teaching classrooms in the ground floor.


Our workshop where we've added multiple machinery throughout the years. Here, the students can train on industrial machines, but also conduct their own projects. Our different former trainers also come here, because we have a very large space, and a lot of differents tools they don't have to find elsewhere. It is indeed a two-way partnership, because they help us supervise the students in different projects, and we help them providing the machinery they need.


Here are some pictures of the workshop during the construction process, very far from what it is today.

This building holds our first solar assisted fish-dryer prototype, a project started before 2010, (archive link), but still continuing to be produced here in our workshop, and sold in the countryside.